All RVer's & Camper's Need a GasStop

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All RVer's & Camper's Need a GasStop

     Once you decide to move into an RV it is easier said than done... You do all the homework and your eager to move foward, but wait... the big question is what do you do with all your stuff? A few suggestions would be to have a yard sale, give it away to your family & friends and of course donate items to the Salvation arm or Goodwill and receive a receipt for donating as a write off on your taxes...
     OK, now you have everything you think you will need and your ready to move into the RV (so you think).  As you begin the process of moving in, you realize your house is sold and the bridges are burned (a little scary, but totally exciting) so out you go on the road for the adventure of a lifetime!  You can no longer go to the Campground for the weekend and come back to a home without wheels... Don't get me wrong, we love the RV lifestyle, it is an awesome way to live, it's where you park it and the people you meet, that makes the journey!

     Besides deciding what your taking or getting rid of, while traveling there is an item you don't want to go without (in my opion), an item that does make a difference when your living on the road. Whether you are a weekend camper or full timer you need the GasStop emergency shut off valve for your propane tanks. 

     Before you think that you won't need it, think SAFETY and it will all make sence... The GasStop shut off Valve is not just a propane level indicator.  It actually regulates direct PRESSURE not by a sensor indicator... So if your RV traveling with the propane tanks ON to keep the frig cold.... then you need a valve that can automatically shut off the supply of propane at the source in case of an emergency.  If your propane hose gets a leak or entangles while traveling or even while parked (and you didn't know) It's important to have the GasStop Valve that will shut off the propane at the source for you automatically. (You can also check for leaks in the system) For more Details...

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