The Family Tent Camping Journey Continues

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The Family Tent Camping Journey Continues

For the past 5 years we have been coming to Daytona Beach Florida to be vendors at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run.  We have a great response there selling the OzTent Furniture and Bluescrew Ground Anchors.  We also have family in the Daytona area, so we stay through until the middle of January then head back to Illinois for more shows, but this year was a little different....... 

Just to give you a little history, Randy and I started Family Tent Camping back in 2005 selling quality camping products online (he always wanted to have his own campground as he is an Eagle Scout and LOVES all things outdoors, but selling camping gear was the next best thing), then in 2009 we ran across the OzTent products.  Randy flew to Australia and well, the rest is history LOL.  Anyway, in 2010 we started attending trade shows with the 30 Second OzTent , Malamoo 3 Second Tents , Jet Tents and the rest of the product line all over the U.S., we have been from the Grand Canyon to Vermont and everywhere in between.  We would drive to all the shows and camp along the way in the products we were promoting, this gave us first hand experience with the quality and ease of the products we could share with our customers, saved money on travel expenses and we were on a constant adventure. Now fast forward to this past Fall 2015 in Daytona Florida again... 

We decided to take a look at some Toy Hauler type RV Trailers that would give us three times more space for hauling products to shows. Then we thought, since we have spent so much time on the road away from home over the past 5 years, why continue paying for a house we are hardly ever in.  Thus the NEW adventure began, we ordered the trailer, we headed back to Illinois to pack, sell and give away most everything (we even had a garage sale in the snow....IT WAS AWESOME AND THE PEOPLE LOVED IT) and on February 19th 2016 we headed back to Florida to pick up our new home. With only our 2 vehicles, a small 5x8 trailer filled mostly with Randy's outdoor cookware and camping gear he was unable to part with and a ton of excitement we were on the road.


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Randy Ranger & Kim


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