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     Once you decide to move into an RV it is easier said than done... You do all the homework and your eager to move foward, but wait... the big question is what do you do with all your stuff? A few suggestions would be to have a yard sale, give it away to your family & friends and of course donate items to the Salvation arm or Goodwill and receive a receipt for donating as a write off on your taxes...           OK, now you have everything you think you will need and your ready to move into the RV (so you...

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New Product -

 3 Sizes to Fit Your Style and Journey! Have you considered a tent that's hassle free for those late arrivals to your campsite after dark? Needing an easy tent that is compact & conveniently stores in an RV compartment for the grandkids? For those that enjoy camping as they travel on the road or a backpacker hitting the trails, a kayaker or canoe enthusiast needing a small pack size that easily mounts for an easy hassle free carry?  Maybe you enjoy car camping but need to be able to fit your gear and transport it in the trunk of a small car? The NEW Malamoo...

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Camp Chairs, New Product -

Finally, a series of great camping chairs that can custom fit to you! The Jet Tent chair series is available in different styles, ranging from a big and tall sitter to a petite sitter and a more durable polyester to a softer touch twill fabric. The  Jet Tent L or XL and    Jet Tent DX or DLX camp chairs by Oztent are perfect for RV camping, local events, and anything related to sitting comfortably for a short or long period of time. Below are a few of the features you will enjoy!     The frame is durable and powder coated to prevent rusting Features a one of kind 5 YEAR WARRANTY The weight...

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