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GasGear Propane 90° Pigtail Hose Accessory by GasStop

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When your ready to put your propane cover on (after you have added the GasStop valve) and it doesn't fit, Hmm. You might be looking at why? The GasGear pigtail 90° hose accessory will do the trick. It's perfect as a replacement piece or use with the GasStop valve. You will be amazed how the propane cover fits, without having to mount the tank and the safety valve sideways . Just replace the GasGear pigtail hose in the step by step "How to install" and you can rest assured you have the propane solution for your next adventure in the RV!

  • Our 90° hoses are a first of their kind in the USA.
  • Use a GasStop and/or don’t have much installation room? Our 90° hoses are the perfect solution.
  • UL and CGA approved.
  • All of our hoses are designed to work with GasStop – the original emergency propane shut-off valve.
  • The braided hose which comes in 12" and the 18" length will come in LATER 2021
Inlet Male QCC1 ACME 90°
Outlet 1/4″ Inverted Flare
Length 12″ and 18" Rubber Hose
Max Pressure 250 PSIG
Capacity 200,000 BTU/hr
  • All of our hoses are rated at 200,000 BTUs per hour with a max pressure rating of 250 PSIG. 
  • Confirm pigtail is correct length.
  • Remove old pigtail.
  • Securely tighten the 1/4″ inverted male end of the pigtail.
  • Hand tighten the ACME nut onto the LP cylinder connection.
  • Check each connection (including those upstream that may have been moved during installation) for gas leaks with your GasStop RV device (using the minor leak test) and soapy water. Never use a flame to check for gas leaks.