Jet Tent

Jet Tent Gazebo Screen Mesh Wall Panel Kit - JTSPSGW

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The Jet Tent Gazebo will require 4 screen mesh wall kits to enclose the entire 10 x 10 PRO series Pop Up gazebo

*Designed for the 10x10 Jet Tent Gazebo

  • Zippered sides & upper velcro for connecting to the roof 
  • Hooks for fastening to the lower upright poles for a sure fit
  • Versatile application for connecting solid walls & mesh screen together
  • Super fine insect mesh 
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (approx)
  • Pack Size: 10" (w) x 10' (h) x 2" (d)
  • Color: Black mesh screen
  • Fabric: Polyester