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Jet Tent F25DX 10 Person 3 Room Tent

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Jet Tent F25DX 3 Room 10 Person Tent

When you’re planning an overland journey or long term camping trip for a large group, the Jet Tent F25DX (from the makers of the Oztent 30 Second Tent) is your best choice for space and comfort.
A lot goes in to planning your overland journeys and camping trips. Why let an average camping tent limit your experience?
 Big and bulky pack size tents aren’t ideal when you have limited space in the car, RV, or 4WD.
Your F25DX packs down to just 3’11” L x 1’4” W x 1’ 4”H inside a waterproof carrying case. So you will have plenty of room for other necessities.
For most regular tents, a small pack size means small set up size as well. Not so with the F25DX Jet Tent!
It offers 162 square feet of living space between the two pullout side room sections and large shared community space (103 sq. ft. more than the F25X). So you can easily sleep up to 10 people comfortably inside this one tent. Plus, the bedrooms are large enough to fit a regular size camping cot.
But a tent that big has to take a long time to set up and tear down, right? Not at all! Thanks to the patent pending auto lock and release frame, your 3 Room F25DX Jet Tent is easily: pitched when you need it, taken down when you’re done with it, and packed away when you’re ready to move on.


  • The 100% waterproof rip-stop poly-cotton grey canvas material with double stitched seams, so everything inside stays nice and dry!
  • An extra-large attachable front awning, so you have a covered space for sitting and standing right outside the front of your tent!
  • The Peaked Side Panels and Front Panel Jet Tent F25DX accessories, so you can turn your awning into a partial or completely enclosed space!
  • An attachable rain fly, so you have added protection from heavy rain, strong winds, and other harsh conditions!
  • The extra-large windows and front door with superfine insect mesh and the roof vent; so you have optimal ventilation and temperature control inside your tent!
  • Side windows that are gusseted and zipped in place, so you have added stability and protection!
  • Superfine insect mesh to keep out the smallest of insects.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum poles, so your tent frame doesn’t break down over time and under pressure!
  • Attached and concealed guy ropes in convenient built-in pockets, so you can't ever lose them!
  • The standard issued, heavy duty ropes and pegs, so you can erect your F25DX Jet Tent with confidence!
  • The heavy-duty, waterproof, and freeze resistant PVC flooring, so you can camp comfortably even on the most unforgiving terrain.
  • The built-in power cord inlet, so you can pump power into your tent without creating any
    openings for bugs or critters.

Your tent should never limit your journey. With a Jet Tent F25DX 3 Room 10 Person Camping Tent you can rest assured that will never happen. Get the ultimate base camp by clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button

 Want to see the nitty gritty details on the F25DX? Check out the complete specs below...

  • Weight: 77 LBS
  • Color: Grey
  • Set Up Size: 22’ 7”L x 7’ 2”H (at center) x 8’2”D
  • Center Room Dimensions: 8' 2"L x 8' 2"D
  • Side Rooms Dimensions: 7' 2"L x 8' 2"D
  • Awning Size: 8' 2" W x 7' 2" D
  • Sleeps: 10