Oztent Eyre 1 & 2 Deluxe Front Panel - OZACFPEY01

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The Oztent Eyre 1 or 2 uses the same deluxe front panel and has many uses! Simply attach the front panel to the ridge pole provided for additional support to the front of the fixed tent awning, and velcroe the tabs to the awning poles that is also shared with the peaked side panels (sold seperately) to create an enclosure that is perfect for cooking, hanging out, and keeping out of the elements, the sod skirting found on the deluxe front panel also keeps the rain outside of your tent. Unzip the solid panels to expose the no see um mesh screen of the Oztent Eyre front panel and the peaked side panels for use as a screen room when full ventillation is wanted. Also by rolling up the solid panel not only keeps it out of the way with the use of velcroe tabs but also by extending out the panel creates additional coverage with 2 additional awning poles, stakes and guy ropes (not included). All of this in a modular space designed for outdoor living in an Oztent Eyre Tent, keep it hassle free and find your use for a deluxe front panel today! 

  • A "D" style front mesh door screen
  • PVC sod skirting for keeping the rain out and directing away from tent
  • Velcroed tabs and zippers for a tighter seal
  • A rip-stop polyester solid panel for privacy or use as a screen room
  • An optional quick roll up for keeping out of the way
  • The same material found on the tent 
  • The front panel can be rolled out for an additional awning while the screen is exposed 
  • Includes a carry bag, the 2.6 ridge pole, 12" steel stakes