CampMaid 12" Cast Iron Dutch Oven - 60003

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CampMaid 12" Cast Iron Dutch Oven is ideal for making campfire meals and desserts directly over the fire or hot coals from your campfire or when using charcoal briquets. Depending on the size of meal will determine the size of Dutch oven used, we recommend the CampMaid 12" cast iron dutch oven for most camp fire cooking. Seasoning your dutch oven will not only provide an easy clean up but also will keep items from sticking to the pot. Having feet on the underside allows for keeping the dutch oven directly off the coals plus it allows for an even balance when placing on hot coals and a nice feature for keeping heat directly off surface.

  • Pre-seasoned 12" Dutch Oven
  • 6-7 Quart with
  • Tab for easy pouring &
  • Sturdy handle