Cauldryn Coffee Pro

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 Cauldryn Coffee Pro All Day Temperature Control Mug

 The Cauldryn Coffee Pro is the perfect travel mug. Whether you are in the office or at home or camping, or on a road trip, the Cauldryn Coffee Pro will keep your beverages hot and at the perfect temperature all day long. 

The Cauldryn Coffee Pro All Day Temperature Control Mug will keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature with its rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 hours of temperature control. The long-lasting battery and 16 ounce capacity make this mug ideal for road trips, days at the office or in a tree stand, and weekend campers. The Cauldryn Coffee Mug pairs with the Cauldryn app via a Bluetooth connection. You can control the temperature of your beverage with the app, which offers preset temperatures for green tea, black tea, brewing coffee, boiling water, and cooking freeze-dried food on the home screen. You can manually control the temperature of your coffee with the app’s custom dial control. Once you set the mug’s temperature, it will regulate automatically even if you disconnect your phone. The temperature can also be set using the buttons on the right side of the LCD display. The battery power level is displayed through the procession of 4 lights under the power button on the battery. The Cauldryn Coffee Mug offers plenty of heating power so you can enjoy your preferred beverage at the perfect temperature.

  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature all day and even while you’re on the go with this temperature control smart mug. Includes a desk base mug warmer that can power it all day long without the battery.
  • CONVENIENT APP: Pairs with a phone app through Bluetooth communication; from the home screen, you can select from 5 preset temperatures or dial in your own
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Choose a temperature using the app or the buttons on the mug next to the LCD display.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use this smart mug to brew coffee, boil water, cook freeze-dried foods, brew green or black tea, heat up your soup, or regulate any drink’s temperature
  • COMPLETE SETUP: Includes a 16-ounce travel mug, 3.0 heating element, battery, desk base, power cord, and a lid; ideal for road trips, camping, hunting, and long days at the office