Gigatent Pop Up Pod Portable Changing Room - ST 003

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The Gigatent Pop Up Pod is a changing room you can take anywhere! This clever design is very easy to use. Simply pop open the pop and in seconds you will have your very own private changing room. Great for photographers in the field or studio, campers, beach or anywhere you need privacy to change!

Interior Height:69"
Weight: 4 lbs
Pack Size:24"x24"x3"
Floor Material:Polyester
Wall Material:Polyester

Assembly Instructions


Confirm product contents by emptying contents of bag(s) and confirming all parts are included and undamaged.
STEP 2: Select a smooth level site and spread out your tent.
STEP 3: Pull tent frame apart to pop open tent. CAUTION: Tent has inner steel wire which may spring open suddenly while attempting to assemble tent. TIP: Frame may need minor adjustment when tent is set up. Gently bend frame into shape if sagging appears.
STEP 4: Stake down pod on bottom four corners. It is strongly recommended to attach guylines at the corners near the top of tent and stake down to the ground.

Disassembly Instructions

STEP 1: Pick up the tent and lay it on its side.
STEP 2: Grasp the top of frame and push one of the corners INTO the structure towards the OPPOSITE corner.
STEP 3: The structure will now fold flat.
STEP 4: Grasp 2 DIAGONALLY OPPOSITE corners and bring them together in one hand. (You now have a loop above and below your hande)
STEP 5: Kneel down and place the bottom loop on the ground.
STEP 6: Grasp the outer edge of the top loop furthest away from you and fold inward toward the lower loop and lay flat on the ground. (You now have 2 loops on top of a larger one)
STEP 7: Slide one of the smaller loops over the one next to it and grasp the outside edges of the entire folded playhouse.
STEP 8: Slowly move your hands around the outside edges to make all of the loops the same size.
STEP 9: Place folded structure into carry case.