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Pittman Outdoors PPI-ICELRG River Drifter Large Floating Ice Chest

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Pittman Outdoors AirBedz River Drifter Large Floating Ice Chest features 6 cup holders to keep beverages withi9n easy reach and holds up to 72 beverage cans with ice. With tough 16 gauge vinyl construction, this cooler is sturdy and features 3 air chambers to stay afloat. 4 heavy-duty handles make the cooler easy to transport, and it comes with a repair patch to fix minor tears and punctures.Can be used as the base for a 48-quart cooler (not included).Repair patch included to fix minor tears and tears and punctures.

  • Two (2) Heavy Duty Grip Handles
  • Approx  Seventy Two 12 oz Can Holder
  • Repair Patch Kit with Glue
  • Four Cup Holders
  • Approx  seventy two 12 oz can holder
  • Full Surround Grab Rope
  • 45" x 34" x 18" Inflated
  • Color Red & White
  • Weight 7.2 lbs