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RapidPure POD System

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Purification your way; The RapidPure POD System adapts to YOUR adventure and can be used as an emergency straw, connected to a hydration pack, with a gravity system, or with the included collapsible bottle for purified water wherever your adventures may take you.


  • Purification YOUR way; multi-use system adapts to your adventure
  • The POD Housing slides over the POD Purification Cartridge and locks into place to create a multifunctional system
  • Innovative system design to meet a range of needs
  • Treats water for viruses, bacteria, parasites and more with UltraCeram technology
  • Use Anywhere; convenient for freezing temperatures
  • POD platform extends cartridge lifespan to 75 gallons so you're always prepared


  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item LxWxH: 2.40 X 4.90 X 7.50
  • Shipping LxWxH: 2.56 X 7.87 X 5.12
  • Weight: 0.65