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Rollors Outdoor Yard Game - ROLLORS-001

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Roll the disks at the pyramid goal and points are awarded to the team with disks closest to the goal. Combines the fun of bocce, bowling and horseshoes!

Rollors is a new yard game that's fun for the entire family. Players "roll" the disks in this outdoor game set at the goal and points are awarded to the player/team that positions their disks closest to the goal. It's a great game of skill with the element of chance! Convenient carry bag allows you to bring Rollors with you wherever you go. Set-up in seconds on grass or in the sand. Now you're ready to roll your way to fun!

  • 2 x Finished Pyramid Wood Goals
  • 6 x Durable Wood Rolling Disks (3 red, 3 blue)
  • Measuring Cord
  • High-Strength Carrying Case
  • Game Instructions
Components of Rollors:
  • 6 Rollors
  • 1 Box
  • 2 Goals
  • 2 Measuring Devices
  • 1 Instructions
  • Each player or team of 2-3 players uses one color set of rollors in the first round of play with blue going first. Standing behind the red goal, the blue player/team rolls one rollor at a time to their blue goal. The rollor should be rolled on the edge, with a wind-up and release as in bowling. The rollor must touch the ground within 4 feet of the release. Once the blue player/team has played, the red player/team takes a turn.
  • Only one player/team scores each round and that is the player/team with the rollor that is closest to their goal. The measuring cord should assist in determining which player is closest. In the case of a tie, neither player/team scores. All rollors of the closest scoring color to the goal receive points.
  • In order to score, a rollor must fall entirely within a 5 foot radius of the center of the goal. A measuring cord is provided to measure this requirement.

  • Rollors that land on their side - score a point value equal to the number that is showing.
  • Rollors that stop on the edge - score a point value equal to the sum of both sides.
  • Rollors that come to rest against the goal - score a point value of double the number showing.
  • Play continues with rounds that are started by the last color that has scored, rolling back and forth between goals. To win, a player must achieve a total of 21 points or more, and must have two more points than the opponent.