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Scatter Outdoor Game

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Scatter Outdoor Game is a lawn tossing game that is sweeping the nation! This yard game provides hours of fun for the whole family. Perfect to take camping, tailgating, or just out in the yard.
Scatter is a unique game involving strategy and skill. This outdoor game can be enjoyed by both young and old. Toss the throwing dowel underhand and knock over the skittles. Topple one skittle and get the amount of points branded on that skittle, topple multiple skittles and get the amount of points equaling the amount of skittles toppled. First one to 50 wins! Get the full rules HERE.
Playing scatter is a great way for children to learn math skills and have fun at the same time! Our Scatter set is made of solid kiln-dried hardwood. Anyone can play this game and it's perfect for getting everyone outside playing together.