Sibley Bell Tent Fly Sun Shade

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Burners look no further for a sunshade for bell tents! The Sibley Bell Tent Fly is a lightweight nylon double roof that keep the blazing sun off your tent. Ideal for cold weather camping as well, the Fly creates a small dead air space which insulates the tent and helps regulate temperature. Keeping your bell tent cooler during hot days, and warmer during cold nights. The Fly also helps protect your tent from rain and harmful UV rays, extending the life of your tent. The Bell Tent Fly is light and packable, and can be pitched as a freestanding shelter or shade with compatible Sibley Pole Set (sold separately)

The fly helps regulate the temperature in your bell tent by creating dead air space insulation between the canvas and the fly.  This dead air space helps keep your tent cooler in the summer by preventing the suns power rays from directly hitting your tent.  In the winter the dead air space slows heat loss through the canopy.  The fly is a must have for camping in extreme temperatures, like deserts and deep winter. 

To take advantage of the insulating properties of the fly, we recommend staking the fly out 30-60cm (1-2 feet) further than your bell tent canopy stakes.  You will need an additional set of stakes to accomplish this.  Extra stakes required for each Fly Size:



  • Bell tent shaped fly from PU coated 70D nylon
  • Heavy-duty guy ropes
  • Matching carry bag

Fly Stakes

  • 400: 13
  • 450: 14
  • 500: 14