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Oztent Camping Furniture

 Even when you’re roughin’ it, you deserve to sit and sleep comfortable. With Oztent camping chairs, padded camp cots, and other Oztent furniture, you can almost feel like you never left home! And you can shop the full line up of Oztent furniture right here on!
Have uncomfortable chairs and cots turned your camping experience into more aches and pains than fun and excitement?
Does the discomfort your current camping furniture cause make you hesitant to camp again?
Wouldn’t it be nice if your camping chair was just as comfortable as your favorite recliner or couch?
Back in the good ol’ days you could probably plop down on a log or even sit right on the ground legs crossed in front of the campfire for hours on end. Getting a solid 8 hours sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground was nothing back then.
Nowadays if you sit and sleep that way for more than a couple of minutes at a time, you could potentially be aching for the rest of the trip. And even thinking about getting up and down from sitting or sleeping on the ground is a non-starter.
Sleep and sit in comfort with camping furniture from Oztent!

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Other camp chairs tend to fade over time due to UV rays, but Jet Tent and Oztent camping chairs are made of UV resistant polyester fabric. The material is easy to clean too; just hose it off and allow it to dry before packing away. The zippered headrest allows you to easily store the chair bag away; preventing loss or damage.
All of the Jet Tent and Oztent chair models come with adjustable lumbar support; ensuring you comfort no matter where you set up camp. And with the 5 year warranty, you can actually put your chair to use with confidence!
The Jet Tent L, DX, and DLX chair models have a heavy duty powder coated steel frame construction that will prevent rusting. And if any part of these chairs goes bad, from the seat to the frame, it can easily be replaced without getting a whole new chair!
You’ll sleep easily and comfortably with an Oztent camping cot. These cots are made without a middle bar, so you don’t have to worry about a hard piece of metal digging into your back all night. And they are padded to provide you with ample cushion and plenty of insulation.
Best of all, Oztent cots are much quieter than traditional aluminum cots. They are made using a steel frame so you won’t hear much creaking or noise every time you move. Plus, your camping cot comes with a 5 year warranty!
Few things can ruin a camping trip quicker than an uncomfortable cot or chair. But with the camping furniture from Oztent, you’ll never have to worry about that. Shop for your perfect Oztent furniture on today!