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Policy Concerning Your Privacy When Visiting

This Policy Concerning Your Privacy is to inform Visitors (that’s you and this document may also use “Your” or “You” from now on when referring to you) how (I’ll say “Site” or “We” or “Us” moving forward) collects, maintains, uses, and discloses information you may submit on this Site.

Oh, and this Policy Concerning Your Privacy applies to every page on this Site.

Now, if You are actually a real person taking the time to read this Policy Concerning Your Privacy, We want You to know that We fully respect Your privacy and will never under any circumstance abuse any information You submit to us.

We understand the amount of trust needed to fill out a form. Thank You for trusting us. We want You to know We take the responsibility seriously and will do everything We can to protect Your info.

So let’s dive into the good stuff!

Personal Identifying Information (or Your Name, Email, etc.)

This Site is open for anonymous visiting by any Visitor at any time. You may find there are various features, pages, resources, offers, etc. made available on the Site requiring at least Your first name and email. Information You provide is on a strict volunteer basis. You are absolutely within Your right to refuse to supply information requested. In such cases, however, certain aspects of the Site will be limited to You.

Non-Personal Identifying Information (or Your OS, Browser Type, etc.)

This Site does collect a range of non-personal information about Visitors visiting our Website. Any information collected is used to enhance usability of the site for Visitors on different operating systems, devices, and sides of the world.

Web Browser Cookies (or The Little Present We Put On Your Hard Drive)

This Site does use those delightful little snacks called “cookies”. Web browsers place a “cookie” on Your hard drive when You visit us to keep track of things like: what page You came in on, the link that brought You to the Site, how much time You spend on a page, etc.

We use this information to enhance Your overall experience on the Site; so everything works Well regardless of Your location, device, or browser. We also use the information to gauge the engagement of the Site content in order to constantly create better stuff for the Visitor (that’s You, remember…).

Of course, You can set Your Web browser to block all Websites from placing a “cookie” on Your hard drive. You can also set a browser to let You know when a “cookie” is being set. That way You can make the decision for each individual Website You visit. Please keep in mind the Site may not function properly if “cookies” are not enabled in Your browser.

How We Use Information Collected On This Site

This Site is operated by a very small team, so one thing You can be sure of is that We WILL NOT be pestering You, using high pressure sales tactics, or obligating You to anything You never agreed to. We are an honest respectable company. And, again, protecting Your privacy is of the utmost importance.

And with all that being said, here are some of the ways We would use any information You submit on this Site…

  • To improve customer service – The most efficient way for us to resolve the customer service requests or support needs of Visitors will generally be through submitting a form on our Website.

  • To improve the Site overall – Your feedback helps us become better. To run a contest, promotion, survey, or other Site feature.

  • To send a Visitor information they requested from us.

  • To send a periodic email – Visitors choosing to opt in to our mailing listing or subscribe to this Site may receive emails that include relevant company news, related products, service information, updates, etc. You will find a link in every single email We send; which allows You to update Your subscription or unsubscribe so You don’t receive any future emails.

  • A Visitor’s email address may also be used to make a response to inquiries made, asked questions, and any other requests We see fit to undertake (within reason, of course).

What We Do To Protect Visitors’ Information

This Site employs a number of practices and security measures to protect the data collection, storage, and processing of all personal information submitted on this Site against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

Sharing Visitors’ Personal Information

Never, under any circumstances whatsoever will We rent, sell, or trade Visitors’ personal identifiable information to anyone. Any generic aggregate demographic information collected on our Site and not at all linked to any particular Visitor may be shared with our business partners for the purposes mentioned in the bullet points under the section titled ‘How We Use Information We Collect On This Site’.

Third Party Websites

A Visitor may find links on our site that, when clicked, take the Visitor to the websites and / or services of a third party. This will always be a third party whose services We have used and highly recommend because We believe that it can add value.

But even though We only link to stuff We really, really like, We have no control over any content appearing on any of the sites linked to. We cannot be held responsible for any of the actions / practices of those websites.

Furthermore, any websites linked to will more than likely have their very own policies concerning privacy and customer service that You will need to abide by when visiting those websites.

Phew! What a mouthful…And We are moving on…Plus, We are almost done…Seriously you should be able to see the end from here. ?

Changes To This Policy Concerning Your Privacy

This Policy Concerning Your Privacy may be updated at any time at the sole discretion of the Site Owner. Whenever the Policy Concerning Your Privacy is revised, the date at the bottom of the page will change and You will be notified. Even if it is the slightest of word changes….We would just want You to know about it.

But don’t worry, any additions to the present text will only enhance its ability to explain the policies We are attempting to convey concerning Your privacy when visiting this Site.

Visitor Acceptance Of The Terms Outlined In The Policy Concerning Your Privacy

By “using” or “being on” this Site You are signifying Your acceptance of this Policy Concerning Your Privacy.

Thanks for stopping by! That is all.

This Policy Concerning Your Privacy was last updated on March 19, 2018