A-Frame Teardrop Side Tent Set Up Instructions

Locate the following parts included with your A-Frame Side Tent:

  • Main tent body 

  • 1 extendable roof pole

  • 2 Fixed –length roof poles

  • 2 side/corner poles with pegs on one end

  • 1 fiberglass arch pole

  • 2 strips of Velcro

    *First Time Installation: (If you have already installed your Side Tent, skip to step #3)Locate the two strips of ‘loop’ Velcro. You will attach these to the top edges of the sidewall.

*Note: Clean the edges of the sidewall with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol first. Allow to completely dry.

  1. With the sidewall in the lowered position, start at the apex of the side wall and affix Velcro strips to sidewall edges, removing the adhesive backing as you go.

  2. Side Tent Set Up Procedure: (Follow these steps after initial installation is complete)

  3. . With the sidewall still lowered, locate the center edge of the Side Tent that has the Velcro sewn in. Place the center of that edge on the apex of the trailer. Continue attaching Side Tent edge.

  4. At this time, erect the trailer sidewall, and be sure to properly lock into place

  5. Locate and assemble fiberglass arch pole. Install this pole into the front pole sleeve and insert each end into the elbow connectors on either side of tent.

  6. Next, locate the extendable roof pole and step inside the tent. This goes in the center of the ceiling with the capped end in the pocket nearest the trailer and the “C” clip extending through the front wall and clipping onto the fiberglass arch pole. Insert the 2 fixed-length roof poles Insert each end of these poles into the corresponding pole pockets in ceiling of tent on either side, near the side walls.

  7. Next, locate and assemble the 2 aluminum corner poles and insert the end with no peg into the elbow connector and the end with the peg through the grommet at the ground. 8. Extend guy lines and stake tent to ground using guy lines and ground stake-down points

Note: Do not store your Side Tent while wet for any extended period – always dry completely prior to long-term storage. Mildew damage is not covered by warranty.   

The effects of wind and rain on the Side Tent are unpredictable. Damage to the trailer and/or Side Tent may result. Please remove the Side Tent in heavy wind or rain. Damage due to weather is not covered by your warranty.