Beat the Heat While Camping in a Tent

Tent Tips to Beat the Heat:

If you have a hot tent to sleep in on a hot summer night, most likely you won't get a good night's rest for all the fun activities you have planned the next day! Here are 3 quick tips to keep in mind for camping this summer:

  • Location! Setting up your tent under the shade is the best start if your campsite provides adequate tree coverage, also, keep in mind where the sun will rise/set & place yourself accordingly. 

  • Shade Shelter! If your campsite doesn't offer you tree coverage simply set up your own shade. Here's what you will need: a tarp, telescopic poles, guy ropes, and stakes. If you own an OzTent RV, simply attach the RV Rainfly! 

  • Breeze! Most windows have mesh screens so keep them open throughout the day to allow air ventilation. A tent with window awnings is a great feature for keeping air flow even during rain, consider that if you are still in the market for a tent.