Getting the Most Out of Your Camping Cot

A getaway into the great outdoors is perfect for relieving stress and hopefully catching up on some much needed rest.  A great convenience and comfort is having a sleeping cot or portable bed on your camping trip.  Unlike air mattresses, a cot will keep you raised off the hard ground, out of reach from those unwanted critters, and give you much better support.

Maybe you already have the perfect cot for your needs, or perhaps you are still browsing, either way, the following tips will be helpful for you to consider:

  • Be sure the cot you are considering is the proper length and width for your body type for maximum comfort. Also, be sure it is the proper size for your tent, as you do not want the cot rubbing against the walls, and you also want to make sure there will be room to move around inside the tent. Cots are actually a great way to create more space in your tent, as you can store your gear underneath them.
  • Rubberized, skid-proof supports on the feet, and a sturdy frame are important. The rubberized feet protect the floor of your tent and a good sturdy frame will not shake or squeak when moving around. Also, avoid cots that have a bar going across your back, this makes for a rough night sleep. There are some great quality cots available on the market these days, such as the OzTent Goanna Stretcher. These cots are sturdy, made for comfort with built in padding and are rated up to 330 lbs. with a 5 year warranty.

If you love the outdoors but prefer not to haul as much gear, consider the Jet Tent Bunker Cot. This cot is padded, has built in self contained no-see-um mesh screening, and a waterproof fly that creates 3 vestibule areas. The cot can be used with or without the fly for your convenience, and makes a great shelter off the ground without needing a seperate tent.