How to Avoid Blisters while Hiking

Blisters while hiking is a huge irritation Thankfully, there are some pretty awesome tools to keep you going strong on your hike and not have the pain of blistered feet or ankles.

  • Purchasing a pair of hiking socks such as Smartwool, they cost about $20 a pair but are well worth it and will last. You want to avoid cotton socks because they get wet when your feet sweat and will begin to rub causing blisters. A good pair of hiking socks will be breathable because the fibers contain thousands of air bubbles which regulate the temperature of your feet. 
  • Make sure you have comfortable hiking boots. If yours are worn in quite a bit try inserting a liner to create a barrier in those hot spots instead of buying a new pair too hastily. Also make sure you lace your boots tight enough so your feet don't slip around going up hills. 
  • And if you decide to take your shoes off for a breather or come across a creek to cool off in, it's important to thoroughly dry your feet before putting your socks and boots back on so that the moisture will not cause rubbing on toes or ankles on the hike back.