How to Install Your R-Pod Visor

  • SET-UP----Your Visor can be easily set-up in 5 minutes or less by one or two people, if you follow the basic sequence detailed below. If time allows, we would recommend that you read through these instructions in their entirety and do a practice set-up at home before heading into the wilderness. Then you can be sure all components are present & functional, and proceed through the set-up sequence at a leisurely pace to learn the most efficient techniques.
  • TAKE DOWN --- For the take down, simply reverse the set-up sequence.
  • LONG TERM STORAGE --- Your R-Pod Visor is more likely to be damaged by mold, mildew or bacteria during storage than by elements while set up and in use. Make sure that all food or other organic material is removed, and that your tent is thoroughly dry before packing into the stuff bag. If you have to pack up and leave the campsite while your tent is damp, set it up later at home & allow it to dry thoroughly for long-term storage.


  • Remove the Visor and fiberglass pole from the storage bag. Unroll the Visor and locate the keder (cord) edge that slides into the keder rail on your trailer.
  • Connect the sections of the fiberglass pole to create one long, straight pole. Locate the opening in the end of the pole sleeve, and insert the pole completely through the pole sleeve. This is most easily done on the ground with the Visor body up-side-down. The slit that the pole goes through is the bottom side. Note that there will be a good deal of tension on the pole and Visor body when inserted.
  • Turn Visor right-side-up and begin inserting the keder cord through the keder rail on your trailer.
  • Once the Visor is fully inserted into the keder rail, adjust its position by sliding right or left until it is centered over the trailer side.
  • Locate the two pre-attached guy lines on the outer edge of the awning. Notice that each guy line has a section of keder cord sewn onto the end. Unravel the guy lines, and insert the section of keder cord into the bottom keder rail on your trailer on both sides of the trailer door.
  • Next, locate and assemble the two aluminum, shock-corded awning poles and accompanying awning pole pockets. Notice the awning pole pockets also have a section of keder cord sewn onto the bottom. These slide into the bottom keder rail alongside the guy lines. The bottom of the awning poles slide into the awning pole pockets, and the longer pegs at the other end of the awning poles go into the grommet holes in the webbing strap at the rim of the Visor where the guy lines are attached. (*Note: The door placement on some trailers may be in the way of the rear awning pole and guy line. If this is the case, just run that awning pole and guy line to the ground instead of using the lower keder rail.)
  • Lastly, adjust the tensioners on each guy-line so that the Visor is snug and held in place securely by the guy-lines.
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