Jet Tent Benefits

Do you own a 4WD?
Jet Tent suits all 4WD vehicles on the market. Our products have developed a reputation for this and many four wheel drivers are now singing their praises. Imagine driving all day, tired & hot, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with a tent for half an hour or more. Jet Tent takes that stress away.

Do you have a camper van?
The Jet Tent will provide you with instant extra room with a minimum of fuss. Because the Jet Tent is free-standing you can safely drive away from your site and be sure that the Jet Tent has secured your great spot. It can be erected either to the rear or side of the van and forms part of your setup.

Do you own a camping trailer?
The Jet Tent is just perfect as a quick annex or extra room for the kids or grandkids or just an outside area. But of course it still doubles as a tent so when you want to get away from the van for a few days to go on to the more rugged areas of this great country (that most people just dream about), you can leave the caravan or trailer behind and take your Jet Tent.

Or do you just hate the hassle of setting up and packing away other tents?
You don't need to have one of the recreational vehicles discussed above to enjoy the great features of this tent. The Jet Tent is so versatile that it is also used at sports meets, dog shows, picnic and equestrian events.