Kodiak Canvas Tent Care

Caring for your Canvas Tent:

  • VERY IMPORTANT - Your tent must be completely dry before storage! Storing a wet or damp tent, even for a short time, might seem to will ruin it and void the warranty.

  • To clean tent, hose down with water and wipe with a cloth. Soaps and detergents can damage the water-repellant treatment of the canvas. See cleaning steps to remove Mold & Mildew from canvas tent.

  • Do not spray insecticides or bug repellant directly on the canvas. This may damage the water-repellant treatment.

  • For long-term storage, store in a cool dry location that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Tents are made with quality zippers. To prolong zipper life, do not "grind" zippers around corners. If needed pull the canvas, windows or doors to help zippers glide smoothly. Keep them clean from dirt.

  • The canvas on your tent has a special Hydra-Shield - treatment that is watertight yet breathable. You should rarely, if ever have to retreat the canvas. If you do need to spot treat the canvas for water repellency, use a silicone based repellant such as Camp Dry by Kiwi. (Other treatments will clog the tiny holes in the canvas eliminating its breathability).

  • The Kodiak Canvas Tents are All-season meaning they can be used year-round, but are not designed for harsh winter mountaineering, or heavy snow accumulations.

  • Condensation inside the tent is affected by the difference between inside and outside temperatures, and humidity. Condensation can be reduced by venting your tent. Condensation between the floor and a sleeping mat can be reduced by placing a ground cloth underneath the tent.

  • Some slight irregularities are normal with 100% cotton canvas and will not affect the performance of your tent.

  •  We wish you safe and happy camping. Please tell your friends about us.