Maintaining and Proper Guy Rope Use

With the camping season upon us it is time to take advantage of the great weather, "your equipment is only as good as it has been maintained" is a wise saying when it comes to camping, or any other gear you are relying on for maximum performance and comfort. Follow these steps for continued performance all season long.

Maintaining & Proper use of Guy Ropes:

  • Once your tent has been set up, it is recommended to stabilize your tent to reduce unnecessary seam and frame damage during stormy or windy conditions. The Oztent RV has convenient storage pockets located at each corner provides quick and easy access.
  • After long periods of continued use the nylon rope fibers will begin to "stretch" resulting in loose frays to surface causing the guy rope to weaken, to maintain proper performance it is a good idea to clip off the "frayed" areas and keeping the ropes & storage pockets free of dirt & debris particles that work there way into the rope fibers resulting in premature wear.
  • For best results when staking out guy ropes, the recommended distance away from the corner base of the tent is 3' - 4' for best results, if space is limited go out as far as surroundings will allow.
  • Another key factor when using guy ropes is the "stakes" which the ropes anchor to, for best results drive the stakes in at a 45 degree angle away from tent to keep the stakes from pulling out when guy ropes are stressed.