Tent Care Tips

First thing before using your Family Tent check that it is free from defects and complete.
We strongly recommend you pitch your tent before going camping to familiarize yourself with its framework.

During use care:

  • Choose a relatively flat pitching site that is free of stones & other sharp objects that may pierce the fabric of your tent.
  • Avoid pitching underneath tree branches and too close to large gum trees.
  • In humid conditions it is common for condensation to form on the inside of your tent. This is not leakage. It is recommended that as many ventilation points as possible, are left partially open whenever possible.

After use care:

  • Clean off mud,grass and twigs on exterior and also sweep out the inside of debris by using a small wisk broom prior tearing down your tent.
  • Whenever possible, tear down tent only when dry.
  • If necessary to tear down and pack tent when wet,re-pitch the tent at the first dry opportunity & let dry completely. Do not store a damp tent. mold,mildew or rust will form on the fabric/frame.


  • Clean the tent by setting it up and wiping it down with a mild soap (liquid hand soap) and lukewarm water solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Never use detergent, washing machines or dryers because they can damage the tent's protective coating and seams. After cleaning, be sure the tent is completely dry, especially the heavier, double-stitched areas such as the seams, before storing or mold and mildew are likely to grow.
  • Clean the tent poles with a soft, dry cloth. This is especially necessary after oceanside camping trips to remove salt spray so the poles don't corrode or stay gritty.
  • Clean the zippers with a quick dip in water and then dry them off. This is especially important if you've been camping in a location with sand/dirt. If you don't clean the zippers, the sliders will wear out and eventually the teeth will become inoperable.
  • Store in dry,ventilated conditions.