Tips on Having Better Camping Trips

A getaway into the great outdoors is perfect for relieving stress and hopefully catching up on some much needed rest. A great convenience and comfort is having a sleeping cot or portable bed on your camping trip. Unlike air mattresses, a cot will keep you raised off the hard ground, out of reach from those unwanted critters, and give you much better support.

Planning ahead for your camping trip will save much stress and frustration so you can enjoy yourself in the great outdoors. There are many important factors to consider about your personal preference, level of fitness, comfort, and protection.

Here's some great tips chocked full of important factors to consider before packing up for your getaway.

  • Camping in remote locations? Consider what kind of wildlife you may run into, big or small. What kind of transportation might you need? Know contact information of the closest help just in case questions or emergencies arise. Do you need a topographic map? Pack appropriately for proper water, either a filter or purifier if there will be water along your way or bottled waters.
    RV camping? Think about luxuries you want to be close to or activities you want to enjoy on your trip. Then do some research on which campgrounds will be best suited to those.
  • How many physical activities? If you plan ahead for outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, etc., you can pack properly. If you will be camping at different sites find out ahead of time if they have someone assigned to transport the equipment or will you have to carry your own? Is there anything your host will be providing that you will not need to bring? You know your body better than anyone else so plan activities you will enjoy, but not so many you overexert yourself.
  • There is a lot to consider when planning meals. First think about the time frames, what your activies are, how many people and for how many days. Some days you may have more time to prepare awesome campfire meals, but other days you may have big adventures planned or sometimes there might be a bad weather day, you want to consider these things and have some quick easy meals planned. If you are hiking you may want to get some dehydrated meals for great nutrition but less pack weight. If family camping, be sure to pack snacks that can go with you easily on outings. If you have kids, s'mores will definitely be a big hit!
  • Durable cookware, such as cast iron is great for the outdoors, and disposable dinnerware makes for easy cleanup.  Also, tableclothes are a nice item to spruce up that picnic table that has been outdoors years, making it nice for the whole family to eat together.
  • A lantern or two is very useful for sitting at the table to play games with family and friends, or just lighting up the campsite. Also, a flashlight is helpful when walking to facilities at night or just going for a night strole.
  • Be sure to check weather conditions ahead of time but even still, pack accordingly for possible conditions. Even though we hope to stay dry, it might just rain on your parade. A water resistant tent is a great investment. It is your prime sorce of shelter so choose one with quality features such as heat taped seams, bath tub style flooring, and a rain fly. Some great suggestions with these types of features would be Gigatent or Black Pine Tents, which are also very reasonably priced. Extra tarps are always handy as well, for covering items sitting outside or creating some extra shelter. These are all things to consider while purchasing camping equipment and also choosing what to pack for your trip.
  • Bring extra socks in case they get wet or your feet get too cold.  Even though you might plan your trip during a summer month, pack a pair of warm clothing just in case.  Small items make a huge difference, so bring items like bug spray and sunblock to protect you while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Choose the right sleeping bag.  Synthetic fill will  be best for staying dry and warm.  A down fill will lose it's ability to retain warmth if it gets wet.
  • Pack binoculars for getting a close up view of the nature around you. You may not get to see the same wildlife at home. Also bring things like frisbees, football, a baseball and mitt or some table games to relax and have fun with. And dont forget the camera, to capture all those great moments and memories!!
    Camping is a great way for the whole family to have fun at a reasonable price. Planning ahead is priceless!