Kodiak Canvas 20°F Reg. Z Top Rectangle Sleeping Bag 3123

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Hooray! Finally, a sleeping bag that is both warm AND comfortable. The all new Z Top™ sleeping bag has a unique top flap that comfortably seals in body heat and eliminates drafts. This revolutionary design allows you to sleep in the position you are most comfortable. You can even sprawl while keeping under the covers. In warmer conditions, you can fold back the top flap, or unzip and remove it.

In Kodiak Canvas fashion, this bag is constructed with premium materials and loaded with features. The top-of-the-line, locking, YKK zippers stay put and won’t travel during the night. Zippers are lined with anti-snag strips and have a full-length zipper baffle to reduce heat loss. Dual layer construction, with offsetting seams minimizes cold spots. A headrest at the top of the bag provides a comfortable area for head and  arms. A pillow pocket helps keep a small pillow (not included) in place, or allows one to create a pillow by stuffing a sweatshirt into the space. A tech pocket provides a spot to keep a phone close at hand, inside your bag. The wedge-shaped foot box provides extra space, so toes don’t get scrunched. A zipper at the foot of the bag allows you to vent the bottom when needed. Roll up the bag and secure it with handy compression straps and snap buckles. A canvas duffel carry bag is included. Compatible with the Booster Quilt accessory (sold separately) that can boost the bag’s temperature rating by up to 30 degrees.

  • Size: Regular. 36 x 90 in.
  • 20°F Temp rating
  • Weight 12.8 lbs (Pack Size)
  • Width:11.00" (Pack Size)
  • Height:19.70" (Pack Size)
  • Depth:11.00" (Pack Size)
  • Rectangular shape.
  • Left hand zipper only (laying in the bag, back down, zipper on your left)
  • Outside shell color: brown/green/gray (similar colors as trim on Kodiak tents)
  • Inside flannel colors: golden tan and dark brown
  • 100% Cotton canvas shell / water resistant.
  • 100% Cotton flannel liner / yarn dyed.
  • Comfort Seal Top Flap.
  • Headrest with pillow pocket.
  • YKK locking zippers.
  • Anti-snag zipper strips
  • Zipper baffle.
  • Wedge-shaped foot box.
  • Tech pocket.
  • Zipper at feet.
  • Dual Layer with offset seams.
  • Factor-4 insulation.
  • Three compression straps with snap buckles.
  • Canvas Duffel-Style carry bag.
  • Booster Quilt compatible (sold separately).
  • Weight: 11.4 lbs.

Kodiak Canvas did not make the temperature ratings, and admittedly they are a little confusing. What Z Top sleeping bag temperature rating is best for you? Everyone’s metabolism is different. There could be two people sleeping in the same conditions, and one would be freezing, and the other too warm. You
know if you tend to be on the warm side, or the cold side—adjust accordingly. The guide below is helpful in selecting a Z Top sleeping bag with the right temperature rating.

  • Warm Nights (> 70° F): A Booster Quit to cover up may be all you need.
  • Cool Nights (45 to 65°F): +20° Z Top.
  • Cold Nights (30 to 50°F): +20° Z Top with Booster Quilt or 0° Z Top
  • Freezing Cold Nights (-5 to 30°F): +20° Z Top with Booster Quilt, 0° Z Top, or 0° with Booster Quilt.
When sleeping in the outdoors, you likely are not in a temperature-controlled environment. As the night wears on, temperatures normally drop. You may have been active or had a meal before bed, but as the hours go by, your body can cool down as you lay still. Conversely, you may be a little chilled when you
get into your sleeping bag. However, as your body heat warms up your sleeping bag, you may get too warm for comfort. The highly versatile Z Top sleep system (Z Top Sleeping bag with Booster Quilt) allows you to make adjustments so you can maintain a comfortable sleep temperature in most campingconditions. Here are some ways to adjust your sleep temperature...
  • Fold top flap up to seal body heat, fold it back to cool off.
  • Open or close the zipper at the foot to vent or seal.
  • Open side zipper to vent or seal.
  • Add or remove the Booster Quilt according to conditions.