Kodiak Flex-Bow Deluxe 6098 4 Person Tent 9x8

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Combining quality features with a small pack size, the Kodiak Flex-Bow 9’ x 8’ Deluxe Canvas Tent is ideal for hunting trips or weekend vacations for your family of four.

The Hydra-Shield canvas is custom woven using double fill (two threads twisted together) 100% duck cloth cotton for a very tight weave that keeps water out. In light rains or torrential downpours you can still touch the walls of your Kodiak Flex-Bow Canvas Tent.
And since the dry-finish silicone treatment helps keep the canvas breathable, you don’t have to worry about condensation and mugginess. Puncture resistant, 13.5 ounce vinyl flooring with welded seams should prevent the tent from ever flooding as well.
The Flex-Bow frame will keep your tent sturdy and standing in the worst of wind storms. Plus, the solid spring rods made of high tensile spring steel make your tent set up easy and efficient.
You won’t be lacking space in your Kodiak 4 Person Flex-Bow Tent. It has a roomy walk around space with 6’1” high ceilings. There is also some built-in organization with one pocket organizer, one bag organizer, and 2 sewn-in pockets.
You’ll have good temperature and air control in this tent as well. The four large windows equipped with no-see-um mesh lets gentle breeze in and keeps even the tiniest of pesky bugs out. Your temperature and air flow management can be further regulated using the two funnel flow air vents.

The 4 Person Flex-Bow Canvas Tent has large ‘D’ shaped doors at both the front and back of the tent; giving you easy access and maneuverability.The doors use #10 YKK zippers for long lasting quality.
It also comes with a large 70” x 57” awning; providing you with a built-in covered area right outside your front door. Stainless steel, wire stake loops give superior strength and durability. Steel 12” tent stakes are included as well to add further stability to your tent.
And when you’re ready to roll up and pack away your Kodiak 4 Person Flex-Bow Tent, you can do so more easily thanks to the handy strap and cinch storage bag.

They really did think of everything! Which is why customers like Bob are so darn happy with their Kodiak Flex-Bow Canvas Tent...
  “I have been away putting this Kodiak thru its paces and WE LOVE THIS TENT!!!!! This tent is awesome and easy to use.”
                                       -Happy Camper Bob

Note: Tent portrayed in this video is a 10x10 (model 6010). With the exception of size, all features are alike

  • The durable Hydra-Shield 100% Duck Cotton canvas....watertight enough to keep water out, yet breathable to keep it from getting muggy inside the tent!
  • The two huge doors with ‘D’ shaped openings with #10 YKK zippers at the front and back of the tent....so you can get in and out with ease!
  • The spacious 6'1" ceiling height...so you can walk around comfortably standing straight up!.
  • The exceptionally sturdy steel Flex-Bow Frame keeps your tent taut and provides quick, easy set-up for one person!.
  • The four giant windows with no-see-um mesh....so the favorable breeze comes in but the pesky tiny buys stay out!
  • The expansive 70” x 57” built-in awning means you’ll have a lovely covered sitting and standing area right outside your tent!
  • Stainless steel, wire stake loops.
  • The heavy-duty 12” steel rod stakes....so you can stake your tent down in any type of ground.
  • The two funnel-flow vents....to further help manage temperature and air flow.
  • The handy strap-and-cinch storage bag....so you aren’t struggling to pack up your tent when you’d really rather be on the road already.

With a Kodiak Flex-Bow 4 Person Canvas Tent, you can camp in comfort even in the wildest of locales!

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See detailed specifications for this tent below.

  • Approx. Total Pack Weight (including 6 LBS stakes): 54.5 LBS
  • Total Capacity: 4 people
  • Pack Size: Tent = 24” (L) x 13” (W) Poles = 35” (L) x 5.5” (W)
  • Approximate weight: Tent body = 30 LBS
  • Approximate weigh: Tent poles = 23 LBS
  • Ceiling Material: 10 oz. Hydra-shield cotton duck canvas
  • Wall Material: 8.5 oz. Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas.
  • Floor Material: 13.5 oz. polyester reinforced vinyl
  • Frame: 1” galvanized steel tubing
  • Flex-Bow Rods: 3/8” solid spring steel
  • Season: Can be used year-round but not designed for harsh winter mountaineering
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kodiak Canvas Tents are the epitome of comfort and style. Get your 4 Person Deluxe Flex-Bow Kodiak Canvas Tent today by clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button below.

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