Kodiak 0665 Grand Cabin Wall Enclosure

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As a Kodiak Grand Cabin 12 Person Canvas Tent owner you can add an additional 90 square feet to your living space, thanks to the Kodiak Grand Cabin Tent Wall Enclosure! With the wall enclosure, you can create the perfect screened in leisure area or you could even sleep more people in your tent.

The Grand Cabin Wall Enclosure is a three sided structure that works with the existing 12’ x 8’ deluxe awning on your Kodiak 12 Person Grand Cabin Tent.

The enclosure features a zippered front entry for convenient in-and-out access. And it also comes with convenient pocket organizers for storing all the things you want to keep close at hand inside your tent.

It is made of a high denier polyester cloth; ensuring quality and longevity. The floor of the Wall Enclosure for the Grand Cabin Tent is a poly fringe “sod cloth” sewn in around the bottom. That should be more than enough to keep the rain outside of your living area as well as wind and crawling critters.

Your Grand Cabin Wall Enclosure has six large screened windows as well for optimal openness and ventilation. All of the windows have no-see-um screen mesh to keep out even the tiniest of insects. Plus, all six windows are equipped with zippers so you can close them for privacy or to keep stormy weather outside of your tent.

And when you’re all done using your Grand Cabin Tent Wall Enclosure, it easily packs away in a handy mesh bag.

  • Six large zippered windows with no-see-um screen mesh....So you have optimal temperature control but still keep out bugs of all sizes!
  • Zippered front entry....So you can easily get in-and-out of your tent when you need to!
  • Poly sod cloth trim along the bottom....So there’s no chance wind, water, or insects will get in to your tent from the bottom!
  • Secure attachment....So you can rest assured your Grand Cabin Tent Wall Enclosure won’t fold under pressure!

*Encloses 12x8 ft. deluxe awning for model 6160

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