Oztent RV Mesh Floor Saver (CHOOSE SIZE)

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  • $ 84.99

The Oztent RV Mesh Floor saver is a great way to protect the underside and extend the life of your tent floor, also acts like a screen by allowing dirt & water to pass through and not build up, making it a friendly solution for the environment and campgrounds by allowing the exposed underside to airate and avoid damage to the grassy surface.

• Made from durable anti-slip PVC material reinforced with Polyester twine
 that provides a firm supportive floor on a variety of surfaces.
• Keeps gravel & grass out while protecting your tent floor from sharp and abrasive objects that may be underneath from penetrating the tent floor and also keeps the underside from getting dirty – so less there's cleaning for you.
• Easy to clean and mold and mildew resistant.
• Because it extends all the way underneath the base of the tent and out to the front of the awning, it will add to your living and storage area in the tent.
• Each ground sheet comes complete with its own pegs and zippered carry bag with convenient carry handles