Oztent RV-RV Plus & RX5 Mesh Floor Savers (CHOOSE SIZE)

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The Oztent RV & RV Plus & RX Mesh Floor Saver extends all the way underneath the base of the tent and out to the front of the awning. While enhancing your living area it also serves to further protect the floor of your OZTENT tent from sharp and abrasive objects and keeps it from getting dirty.

Oztent RV-3
Oztent RV-4
Oztent RV-5
Oztent RX-5
Oztent RV-3 Plus
Oztent RV-5 Plus

  • Protects tents PVC floor
  • Extends floor area to under awning 
  • Mesh allows water, sand and dirt to pass through
  • Fits exact dimensions of your Oztent
  • Mesh Floor: Double woven mesh
  • Sizes:
    RV-3 / RV-3 Plus Setup Size: 94.5” (L) x 157.5” (W)
  • RV-4 Setup Size: 94.5” (L) x 173.2” (W) 
  • RV-5 / RV-5 Plus Setup Size: 102.4” (L) x 181.1” (W)
    RX5/RX5 2 Room Tent
  • Net Weight: 
  • RV-3 / RV-3 Plus: 7.3 lb
  • RV-4: 7.7 lb
  • RV-5 / RV-5 Plus: 8.8l b