3 Reasons for Camping in the Spring

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3 Reasons for Camping in the Spring

As we all know the Summer is the most popular time for camping, these are unusual times, the Spring weather is usually nicer. However, there are some great perks for camping in the Spring time too, here are a few reasons in this article.

Not Too Hot: Camping in the Spring offers the perfect temperature, warm & sunny during the day and night is perfect for sitting around the campfire sharing stories and eating your favorite dessert prepared over the campfire. Then when it's time for sleep simply crawl into your sleeping bag, TIP to ensure proper rating selection choose a bag 10-20 degrees lower than the forecasted overnight temps for a restful sleep. Camping over the summer can result in unpleasant feelings when having to deal with the heat overnight, and making sure your tent is well vented during the heat of the day to allow the hot air to escape and fresh air to circulate inside tent for a restful night sleep ahead. The key to a succssful camping trip is ease and comfort...

Fewer Bugs: By camping in the Spring you can iliminate close to 70% of the bug population which will arrive in the summer when temperatures rise making living conditions for bugs more ideal. I don't believe you will never completely avoid them but it will decrease the number of mosquitoes and other flying insects circling around your head. Just because your camping in the Spring doesn't mean not to take the precautions of applying bug spray, lighting citronella candles and wearing proper clothing to reduce the risk of finding an opportunity to feast on exposed skin. CAMPER'S TIP It is also a good idea not to camp near still water where many bugs including mosquitoes like to breed.

Discover Spring Scenery: There's something about getting outdoors, especially after a long, cold winter. Camping is a special time to take in the bright colors, wild life, soothing water fed creeks, the fresh auroma of flowers blooming, grass, warm sunshine and the birds singing. Take it all in, whether your at the campsite or hiking on the trails you'll find a new discovery at every turn. Spring is the perfect time for camping and enjoying the best of what nature has to offer!


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