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Teardrop Camping -

Through the years I have seen many changes in how families enjoy the great outdoors, whether it's hiking the great trails or simply kickin back at the local fishing hole to relax and enjoy nature as it was intended. Camping is another outdoor recreation that has really gained popularity over the past few years, not only as a way to build lasting memories but fits nicely into their household budget. Not everyone is a "tent camper" and would prefer to have some modern conveniences rather than "Roughing it". There are a variety of RV campers to choose from these days...

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Gear for Tent Camping -

I started this journey as a city girl who knew nothing about camping or the outdoors, but I married Randy Ranger (we call him) and he loves ALL things outdoors (almost as much as he loves me lol).  It was not until our children were 7 and 4 that he finally convinced me to go camping. My Randy Ranger tried very hard to explain the value of investing in a quality tent, if we had nothing else to start out, but I did not want to spend the money for one and we ended up with a very cheap box store tent....

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