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A Funny Family Camping Story...

Ooo, I'm kinda an expert camper myself ;-) Pack a family of 4 or 5 + dog (my hubby on occasion joins us mid-way) for anywhere from 2-4 weeks. I use large clear plastic bins, one for cooking & laundry items (propane stove & lighter, propane, laundry soap, dish soap, clothes line & pins, etc), one for dishes, one for dried food items.. Keeps them all together. Even tho they are clear, I also label what is in them with a marker, as then people put the right things in them ;-) Everything is so tightly packed in our minivan; we now have a soft-sided topper. Once my husband met us in Las Vegas (ok, we hotel-camped there, as we could leave the dog in the hotel but not at a campsite by herself) & attempted to help in packing the van back up to continue on to San Diego; he thought he was finished when I brought several more items out of the hotel - hehehe! Needed to repack from scratch pretty much.

Just thought you'd enjoy the story ;-)



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