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Camping "A Blast from the Past"

Has camping changed or have we changed the way we camp? 

There was a time when all you needed was a station wagon to transport your tent for shelter, an ice chest to keep your food cold, sleeping bags, and a lantern to shed light while enjoying your campfire dessert and game with family and friends. There are a few changes that have improved the way we camp, first of all, technology has taken camping to a whole new generation of campers. They are educated in what they are looking for and have the resources to purchase what will fit their camping needs. Many Overland type campers, travel "self contained" with all terrain trailers that are custom built for transporting water, a generator, storage compartments and last but not least, a fully functional kitchen area for cooking and clean up. When it comes to tent shelters,there are a couple set ups to consider. Roof Top Tents which mount on the roof of a vehicle or an all terrain trailer,the tent is accessed with a ladder that can be stowed away easily for safety and convenience. The other option is a ground tent such as an OzTent "The 30 Second Tent" which is great for traveling "on the go". It features a revolutionary designed internal frame for quick set up and easy pack away and is 100% waterproof. The entire tent stores in a 6'6" storage bag which is made of heavy duty canvas with a PVC inside lining for waterproof protection. These Tents can be fastened securely on a roof rack with tie downs or the back end of your truck, SUV, or van.


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