Camping - A Great Way to Get Away From it All!

Camping -

Camping - A Great Way to Get Away From it All!

Yes it is!

Looking back at the good ole days when folks would sit on the front porch and talk about life in general, well within the past 10+ years friends and family are beginning to enjoy the great outdoors in a similar fashion, camping has the perfect combination of recreation and relaxation for all ages. Here in Illinois there was a budget cut that involved closing some of our state park locations to reduce spending? go figure. There is no better place than away from the hustle and bustle of the city to gather your thoughts and spend time with the ones you care about.

Sure there is the preperation of packing gear, planning meals and loading everything including the kids in the trunk and the back seat of a car or SUV, then your off to secure the best camping spot by arriving before the crowds show up. Once we arrive at the perfect spot then the fun begins by taking everything you had stategically packed and unpack it, usually means the wife and kids do some site seeing of there own after they make that much needed bathroom stop that had been delayed in order to arrive at the spot before someone else got it. Leaving Dad to get everything set up for a weekend of R & R. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the entire process of camping, because after the work is done we all can sit around and enjoy the campfire while eating some dutch oven meals and connecting with one another, creating camping memories is definitely a great way to get away from it all.

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