Camping in my OzTent is so Easy & Fun!

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Camping in my OzTent is so Easy & Fun!

Hi Randy

Just got back from my first camping trip with my new OzTent. I am a 68 year widow so I wanted something easy to handle and easy to put up. We picked our spots and my friend went back to the office to let them know which spots we had chosen. He wasn't gone more than 6 or 7 minutes. So, I pulled that tent out and had it up by myself by the time he got back. I was leisurely sitting at the picnic table by the time he returned. Just had to show off! It was great, just as easy as it looks in your clips. When it was time to leave I told everyone I didn't need any help and I didn't. It was as easy to take down as it was to put up and it's so well made. We camp a lot and having this tent makes it so much better. I love it! Too much fun!

Have a great camping season and thanks so much.

Louanne H


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