Car Camping VS Overland Camping

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Car Camping VS Overland Camping

Camping Trends: "Car Camping VS Overland Camping" How camping has evolved from the campground to the outback. In this issue we will be addressing the question "How is car camping different from Overland camping?" Both require vehicles, however, there is a big difference between loading up the standard SUV to camp at the local campground, and using an Overland vehicle that's been upgraded for off-road use and is equipped for driving into remote areas. These vehicles require more than just off-road tires

When car camping your more likely to stay at a campground with all the modern conveniences of home such as hot water for showers, flush toilets, picnic tables, a fire ring and maybe even a swimming pool. When Overlanding, your camp is where you make it, whether on top of a mountain, a remote valley or a patch of dirt under a shady tree.

Car camping does not require nearly as much planning for a successful trip. You can load up your tent, sleeping bags and some groceries, then drive up, set up and have fun! For Overlanding if you "fail to plan,then plan to fail". You need detailed planning to assure your equipment is prepared. The last thing you want, is to drive into a problem that could leave you stranded in a remote area alone or stuck in rugged terrain. There is no grocery or camp store for last minute supplies when Overlanding, so planning food, water and tools for repairs is essential for survival.

When car camping you may cross a state line experiencing a Q&A by the border officials, but you are safe and have access to a doctors, hospitals and any other help if needed. When Overlanding you may cross International boarders which require passports, or searches and you will most likely have no access to medical or any other help. Again, planning is key so be sure to have a quality first aid kit and any other emergency items you might need. Also, it is very important that you let someone know the route you plan to take for an extra safety precaution.

Most important, whether car camping at the local campground or Overlanding across the great divide, HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE!!


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