Choosing the Right Size Family Tent

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Choosing the Right Size Family Tent

When it comes to the size of the tent, it is very important to select the right size for comfort and cost. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right tent to assure maximum comfort, ultimately to get the most out of your dollar.

Once you have determined which brand of tent you want to purchase it's always a good idea to buy the next size or two larger to allow for additional space for sleeping and storage needs. For example, as a family of 4 when shopping for a tent keep in mind that a "4 person tent" will only fit 4 sleeping bags side by side, leaving you no room for gear let alone room to move around comfortably.

What type of tent best fits your needs:

Cabin Tents

Cabin tents usually have a rectangle floor and walls tend to be more vertical providing easier access and mobility. Usually available in different sizes ranging from a 4 person to 8 person models. Cabin tents are perfect for families with small children allowing you to be close at all times.

A two room family camping tent allows you a few more options then the one room cabin tent. If you have children that are older you can let them have their own space providing more privacy. Another option is to have one side as a sleeping area and another room for gear storage. You can also place a table and chairs in the other room as a place for playing games with family and friends in the event the weather becomes unfavorable.

Multi Room Tents

Large family camping tents combine comfort and functionality under one roof, providing more options than just about any other tents on the market today. Whether your looking for privacy or extra space, the center room is ideal for gear storage or for relaxing. 

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