Easy Campfire Cookware Cleanup

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Easy Campfire Cookware Cleanup

Camp cooking over an open fire adds a unique and flavorful way to enjoy the camping experience at its best.

To prevent soot build up on your cookware here's a helpful tip to keep your pots clean without having to wear your elbow and scrubber pads out, simply squeeze out a dime size amount of camp soap on a paper towel, rub the soap on the underside and sides of the cooking pot before you place over the fire. When its time to wash the dishes, clean up the utensils first leaving the pots that were used over fire for last, as you begin to wash off the soot you will notice how easy the cleanup is, leaving you more time to enjoy the outdoors. it is recommended to use a biodegradeable camp soap and dump the dirty water in a high grassy area away from your campsite, preventing critters from coming around and also is better for the enviroment.
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