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I'm 52 and a 100% disabled veteran. I don't have great balance or strength when trying to set up a conventional shock cord type so I thought my camping days were over - until now!

The tent went up in about 17 minutes - part of that was getting it out of the box. (It was packed very well with no obvious damage to the box upon receipt.)It took about another 5 min to tie everything down the way that seemed best.
Take down took 11 min - part of that time was sweeping, folding, and packing up the ground cloth.

The ground cloth definitely helped me to orient where the tent would be set up and assured I had a relatively debris free, level area for the tent - this is a must have to aid with a "best site" set up and to protect the bottom of the tent,the ground cloth extends under the tent & front canopy, is just one more bonus of the OzTent system.

All of the features were as described and very well thought out for efficiency and function. All of the screens, window/door panels, and zippers were obviously well constructed and operated properly.
This is a perfect tent for one or two people +/- a dog.
I can't wait to try this tent out - I'm checking out how my gear will fit and what I will need for my next trip.

Thanks so much - Kaylee and I couldn't be happier!


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