How to TIPS for Camp Cooking Over an Open Fire

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How to TIPS for Camp Cooking Over an Open Fire

If cooked over a campfire it is the best food you have ever tasted! Cooking on an outdoor open fire just gives the food a smoky, charred, flame goodness. Camping is meant to be Hassle Free, so what to make or how to, isn't the way you want to spend your camping weekend. There are so many great recipes to be cooked over the campfire, from the traditional hot dogs to a steak with all the trimmings. If you have the right stuff, a cooking utensils and a grill, you’ll be cooking over the campfire in no time!

  • Camp Cooking Over An Open Fire:
    This is a common mistake with people who are new to campfire cooking. They assume the hottest part of the fire would be the raging flames. But this is not necessarily the case. If you are truly wanting to cook something, not just burn the outside, then you want a more consistent heat. To make the best fire for cooking, start with seasoned hardwood, let it burn down to those white hot coals, pile them up under your grill grate and let it work for you. Cast iron is a necessity if you are cooking over an open flame.  It will never get ruined, if you season it well the flavor of cooking on cast iron is amazing.  We like to have a dedicated cooking area, so moving the HOT white coals to one side as the fire is still going on next to it..
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