Hydra-Shield Waterproof Canvas Tents by Kodiak Canvas

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Hydra-Shield Waterproof Canvas Tents by Kodiak Canvas

What is Hydra-Shield Canvas?

Hydra-Shield Canvas Kodiak Canvas tents are made with a superior, marine-grade, 100% cotton, Hydra-Shield™ canvas. It is a custom woven and treated canvas ideal for the purpose of premium tent making.

It is double-fill (two threads twisted together for superior strength, durability, and a very tight weave). It has a silicone, dry-finish treatment that is watertight, breathable, and durable. It also resists mold and mildew.

What are the Benefits?

You will stay dry, even in a downpour! It’s okay to touch ceiling and inside walls during a rainstorm. This canvas does not leak or wick water.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, or canvas with a paraffin or oil-based treatment, our canvas is breathable! This allows water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mugginess. Simply put, you are more comfortable.

Unlike canvas with paraffin or oil-based treatments, you should rarely, if ever have to retreat the canvas. Hydra-Shield’s silicone-based treatment is durable and very long-lasting.

The canvas is strong and durable. It will hold up to the elements, and long outlive tents made with inferior fabrics.

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