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Maintaining your OzTent RV Tent - OzTent RV Frame

Now that you have purchased your OzTent and continue to enjoy the convenience of a Hassle Free Camping lifestyle, in this series you will discover tips on how to maintain your OzTent for many years to come.

With the camping season upon us it is time to take advantage of the great weather, "your equipment is only as good as it has been maintained" is a wise saying when it comes to camping with your OzTent, or any other gear you are relying on for maximum performance and comfort. The OzTent frame is the heartbeat of the quick set up design. Follow these steps for continued performance all season long.

Maintaining your OzTent Frame:

* Once your OzTent RV has been erected, make sure you attach the velcro tabs provided on the sides of the tent just above & below the slider arm to keep from extending in the event of windy conditions.

*All other velcro fasteners should remain attached to frame at various points of the OzTent RV.

* Periodically wipe down the frame with a slightly damp cloth to keep debris and dust from building up. This will allow the slider mechanisms to operate smoothly and prevent dust build up on the inner walls of your OzTent.

* Periodically Spray a "dry" silicone based lubricant inside the slider tracks to allow for smooth operation. It is not advisable to use an "oil" based lubricant, this will attract dust and also cause stains and residue on the inside walls of your OzTent.


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