Enjoying.. Camp Cooking While Camping

Camp cooking -

Enjoying.. Camp Cooking While Camping

There is something about camp cooking that just makes food taste better!  With "social distancing" the new norm these days, being able to cook outside is even more rewarding and you don't have to be elbow to elbow in a kitchen. There are so many options with camp cooking, the Smoker grill with pellets is one of my favorites. Smoked meat just makes your mouth water....This does take some planning ahead because you want to cook low and slow. 
Using cast iron cookware is another favorite because there are so many options....can you smell the peach cobbler or roast with potatoes cooking in the Dutch oven now? Heavenly!  Eggs & bacon cooking in a cast iron skillet over an open fire, and don't forget the pie irons a single or double.... Watch the kids come running because they love to hold them and cook their own personal pies, lol.
Camp cooking does take some time to plan your meals ahead, you may even want to do some prep at home beforehand. Outdoor cooking involves a bit of skill, but with a little practice and creativity anyone can become a wonderful outdoor chef

Besides, the more you practice, the 
more you get to eat...yum!  The point is to have fun and enjoy the experience.
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