Planning an RVing Trip? A Must Have For The Road..

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Planning an RVing Trip? A Must Have For The Road..

     While traveling there is an item you don't want to go without, that does make a difference when your traveling on the road. Whether you are a weekend camper or full timer you will need the GasStop emergency shut off valve for your propane tanks. 

     Before you think that you won't need it, think SAFETY and it will all make sence... The GasStop shut off Valve is not just a propane level indicator.  It actually regulates direct PRESSURE not by a sensor indicator... So if your an RV'er with a class "A", 5th Wheeler, Travel Trailer or a Teardrop camper and need the propane tank(s) TURNED ON to keep the frig cold while on the road, then a valve that can automatically shut off the supply of propane at the source in case of an emergency.  If your propane hose gets a leak or entangles while traveling or even while parked (and you didn't know) It's important to have the GasStop Valve that will shut off the propane at the source for you automatically. (You can also check for leaks in the system). For more Details...

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