Stay Hassle Free when Camping, Bluescrew It!

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Stay Hassle Free when Camping, Bluescrew It!

Camping is a great time and meant to be enjoyable, until the storm hits your campsite! There's nothing more irritating than having to babysit your shelter in the middle of a storm, adjusting guy ropes, and restaking tent pegs in the rain because they are not anchoring your tent securely is not my idea of being a "happy camper". Not only is it inconvenient, but the risk of damaging or losing equipment can get expensive! I have a solution to the problem, a simple Bluescrew will do the trick! Whether your camping in a tent or enjoying the outdoors under a canopy, just Bluescrew it and enjoy the day..

You maybe asking what is a Bluescrew, how does it work and how will it benefit me?? The Bluescrew is more than just a tent peg.... This ground breaking anchor was developed in Australia, and is perfect for most everything needing to be secured to the ground such as roll out awnings on RV units, canopies,camping tents, tarps, boats & jet ski's, also makes a great way to secure your pets while on a long leash. 

Bluescrew's unique twist mechanism provides incredible resistance and can easily be screwed in and out by hand. The Bluescrew, unlike other tent pegs has the ability to stake straight down to the ground instead of going out on an angle and making an obstacle course of your campsite.

The large Bluescrew is excellent in sand or loose soil for anchoring watercraft, or when used for beach canopies it's like having a 400 lbs sumo wrestler holding down each of your guy ropes and the small Bluescrew is ideal for turf and rooty areas, and comparable to a 200 lbs anchor instead of a 20 lbs toddler! Made from durable, lightweight engineered plastic, effective in sand, turf, snow & underwater making the Bluescrew the perfect solution to a hassle free experience...

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