Teardrop Trailer Camping with a 30 Second OzTent

Teardrop Camping -

Teardrop Trailer Camping with a 30 Second OzTent

With spring just around the corner, can hardly wait! Time to get out the camping gear and stock up the camping trailer to prepare for the family camping season ahead. Through the years I have seen many changes in how families enjoy the great outdoors, whether it's hiking the great trails or simply kickin back at the local fishing hole to relax and enjoy nature as it was intended. Camping is another outdoor recreation that has really gained popularity over the past few years, not only as a way to build lasting memories but fits nicely into their household budget. Not everyone is a "tent camper" and would prefer to have some modern conveniences rather than "Roughing it". There are a variety of RV campers to choose from these days making it pretty easy to choose the outdoor lifestyle of your choice. From Pop up campers to motorhomes and several options in between, such as the Teardrop trailer which has for many folks become a garage project that is easy to transport, and store. It's design is simple, a place to sleep and a galley area for cooking, as you search the web you will find hundreds of design plans to just about cover every need possible with the exception of a couple things, having a place for storage, changing your clothes, and the biggest thing, hanging out space regardless of the weather conditions. There has got to be a way to make a good idea into a great one! The solution is the 30 Second OzTent, which will provide quick set up (in less than 30 seconds) creating a perfect fit for your teardrop trailer by simply pulling along side or even underneath the existing awning for added shelter, privacy & convenience.




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