The Malamoo Journey Series Tents

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The Malamoo Journey Series Tents

 3 Sizes to Fit Your Style and Journey!

Have you considered a tent that's hassle free for those late arrivals to your campsite after dark? Needing an easy tent that is compact & conveniently stores in an RV compartment for the grandkids? For those that enjoy camping as they travel on the road or a backpacker hitting the trails, a kayaker or canoe enthusiast needing a small pack size that easily mounts for an easy hassle free carry?  Maybe you enjoy car camping but need to be able to fit your gear and transport it in the trunk of a small car? The NEW Malamoo Journey series fits the bill, ideal for the enthusiast wanting to use the right tent for camping along the way to your destination.. The Malamoo Journey 1, 2, or 3 series sets up easily and is 100% waterproof. The Malamoo Journey is great when the elements turn bad outdoors and your wanting to stay dry inside. Here are a few other reasons to buy a Malamoo Journey.....

Malamoo Journey 1 (smallest pack size), Malamoo Journey 2.0 (perfect size for RV) or Malamoo Journey 3.0  (family size)

  • Closeable vents for air control
  • Removable polyester rainfly for star gazing or extra ventillation
  • Attached guyropes to avoid the mishap of "forgetting"
  • A breatheable inner lining to avoid condensation in colder climates.
  • A tunnel style with doors on each end for easy access.
  • Heavy duty polyester bag with carry and mounting straps for a canoe or kayak
  • Polyester tent body dries quick and durable against the harsh UV rays of the sun.
  • Fiberglass resin poles for flexibility and avoids splintering fibers
  • A durable poly oxford bathtub floor avoids water inside your sleeping quarters
  • All stitches from bottom to top are heat taped to avoid leaks
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

Check out the models and details for yourself and enjoy the journey!


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